Conference Sessions

Conference 2019 will comprise 4 sessions:

- SESSION 1 – Fundamental Problems of Metal Forming during Transition to Innovative Technology

This session will focus on theoretical problems of metal forming which are hindering progress in the industry amid the current economic changes and emergence of new consumer needs. A separate focus will be given to proposals of using domestic hi-tech products with unique combinations of properties to substitute their imported counterparts.

- SESSION 2 – Innovative Technology and Materials in Metal Forming

This session will examine the problems of developing innovative metal forming technologies with a special focus on novel solutions designed for developed plastic strain situations. The issues of ultimate deformability and fracture in advanced steel materials will also be covered.

- SESSION3 – Development of Advanced Metals and Alloys Processing Theory and Technology

This session will look at the issues of developing new and optimising the current production processes yielding high value-added products. The participants will focus on describing the structural evolution that takes place in metals under strain and its effect on the mechanical properties of the product. The problem of theoretical description of such processes as rolling, drawing, cross-wedge rolling, forging, etc., will also be discussed.

- SESSION4 – Future of iSmart-Metallurgy

This session will focus on computer engineering technology that helps build highly adequate models simulating real processes and structures to be used instead of costly full-scale models. The session will also examine different computer modelling techniques (including multiscale modelling), which can help predict the changes in the stress-strain state, properties and performance of metals as a result of deformation.